Improve Your Life By Clearing Your Physical Spaces

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You may find that your living environment is pleasing to the eye, but all does not feel as settled as it should. Is every surface clear but every closet full? Do you have a secret and dreaded store of boxes in the garage, the basement, the attic?

If so, it may be time to rethink your relationship to what comedian George Carlin called “stuff.”

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Deciding to Let Go

Some of us have enough stuff to fill several houses. Rather than helping someone who is going without, we hang on to things we are not using.

When talking about clutter, people often say that they can’t get rid of things because they once belonged to loved ones, that they have been in the family forever, or that these things will be needed the very moment they are thrown away.

This very thing happened to a loyal Pickup Please supporter, who realized she was thinking in this way too.

She had deposited all her “stuff” in storage in Los Angeles, having decided to move to Europe. On returning to LA to go through everything more carefully, she found herself looking at a huge “to keep” pile and only three items on her “things to donate” pile.

“What’s wrong with this picture?” she asked herself

The answer? Everything was triggering old responses and patterns of behavior. She knew she was automatically hanging on – emotionally, physically, and mentally – to physical items that were given to her or that reminded her of people, times, or events.

The reality, however, is that all those important people, times, and events have a permanent place in her heart. She knew should would always remember those things, but the objects didn’t really need a permanent place in her home. The physical things were breakable and bulky and sometimes downright out of place, unlike the memories themselves, which will always be a part of her and a part of her life.

Vietnam Veterans of America

She says she took a deep breath and started making calls so that she could find the best possible new homes for all of these things that she no longer needed. “It turned out to be very rewarding and a lot of fun!” she told Pickup Please. “I learned so much about various organizations that exist to help people give and receive.”

Groups like the Vietnam Veterans of America, who have been serving generations of American veterans, helped her donate my clothing and household goods. Clothing donations are incredibly important, and she knew her donations would help provide funding for the Vietnam Veterans of America and their many veteran support programs.

The Value of Removing Clutter

Creating space in your physical world helps to open spaces in your mind, allowing you to think more clearly and to attain more peace. “Downsizing means that I spend less time cleaning my house and I spend less on my insurance too, since I have fewer items in general,” our friend says. :With downsizing, I have created time and space to think about more important things.”

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“I’m not suggesting that you become a minimalist, I’m merely pointing out that everyone can benefit from finding ways to free themselves from items that have taken up residence in their homes that are disliked, unused, or are too many in number.”

Bag them up and give them new life by donating. Your donations benefit worthwhile charities such as the Vietnam Veterans of America.