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Donate Clothing in Miami by Scheduling a Free Donation Pickup Through Pick Up Please

Donate clothing and other household items in Miami with Pick Up Please! The Vietnam Veterans of America needs your donations, and Pick Up Please will pick up your donations for free and leave you a tax deduction receipt. allows you to schedule online appointments for a Miami donation pickup. It has never been so convenient to make a Miami clothing donation.

Donating in Miami is Free and Easy

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Pick Up Please will come and pick up the following donations:

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  • …and Much More!

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Where Can I Donate Clothes, Furniture, Books, and Other Household Goods in Miami?

Pick Up Please offers free donation pick up service in Miami. Click here to get started scheduling a pickup online. We will send a truck to your house — often within 24 hours if you like. We accept almost any type of item, and your donation benefits Veterans by supporting the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Miami Donating Benefits

Reduce Miami’s Cost of Living Through Donating

Miami is an expensive place to live. Proof is in the numbers: the cost of living index is 10.2% higher than the average for the rest of Florida, according to Area Vibes and Sperling’s. Many items that can be bought at a thrift store, such as toys, clothing, shoes, and other accessories, fall under the Goods and Services index, which for Miami is 108 versus Florida’s 100. Although certain costs are actually lower, such as utilities, the more expensive categories are above the average, representing a disproportionate increase in cost.

Living cheaply in Miami isn’t out of your reach or the reach of your neighbors, however. By offering your donations to charity, you support affordable living in Dade County. Just because Miami hosts the most international banks in the country in its financial district, doesn’t mean it has to host the most frustrated shoppers, too.

Donating in the Neighborhoods of Miami

Miami neighborhoods and Dade County residents in general benefit when you donate through Pick Up Please. Proceeds support the Vietnam Veterans of America, but your donations are resold in local thrift stores and a portion of those proceeds go to paying for the good work of local charities. Let’s highlight a few of the most populous Miami neighborhoods:

Allapattah Clothing Donations

Northwest of downtown Miami and near the international airport, Allapattah hosts a flourishing textile bazaar and open-air Produce Market. The area’s known for its diverse population including Cuban, Dominican, and Haitian Americans. But it’s a place of rich history too: Miami Jackson Senior High School was founded in 1898.

Coral Way Donating

Coral Way was founded in the 1920’s by George E. Merrick and consists of Coral Gate, Silver Bluff, and Shenandoah. The area has blossoming parks such as Douglas Park and the Cuban Memorial Boulevard Park. Located near the eastern shore of Miami next to The Rods and Coconut Grove, Coral Way offers relaxed living near downtown Miami.

But no matter what Dade County neighborhood or street you live on, Pick Up Please will come for your donations right from the curb.

Tips for Living cheaply in Miami

Despite Miami’s high costs, you can find great deals on everything you need to live well without feeling as though you are short-changing the city. Here’s Pick Up Please’s list of the top three ways to live in Miami:

1) Cheap events in Miami. There’s tons of free arts and music festivals. The Viernes Culturales happens nearly every Friday on Southwest Eighth Street and brings together tons of local artists and musicians. Or a free tour of Little Havana. And grab a drink at Bella Beach’s Hurricane Happy Hour on Collins Avenue to smooth the night out on your way to the festival.

2) Bike around town. Miami is a very flat city. Head from Grapeland Heights to Liberty City to Little Haiti without busting a steep slope or climbing a tall hill the entire way. The beautiful air and sunshine makes biking an affordable and practical transportation alternative.

3) Buy local through thrift stores. Say what? Isn’t buying local the expensive way to shop. Not when you’re shopping resale and at thrift stores. More and more Americans are turning to thrift store shopping every year. In fact, the National Association of Resale and Thrift Store Professionals reports that 18% of shoppers turn to thrift stores as opposed to 11% for outlet malls and 21% for department stores. A significant percentage indeed.

Donate through Pick Up Please When You Buy From a Thrift Store

It was someone like you who donated that item you are now buying that made the purchase affordable and possible in the first place.

Prefer to drop off your donations?

Pickup Please can pick up your donations for free or you can drop off your donations at the locations marked in the map below: