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The Vietnam Veterans of America have proven themselves to be a dependable source of support for veterans and their communities all over Oregon. Pickup Please collects donations on behalf of the VVA. When you schedule a free donation pickup in Oregon, you are helping to extend the VVA’s efforts to more veterans in need.

A huge program that the VVA of Oregon focuses its support toward is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) service dogs for veterans. This inspiring program provides specifically bred service dogs for Veterans with PTSD. Russian wolfhounds and Belgian sheep dogs are trained for emotional support as Psychiatric PTSD dogs. These Certified Service dogs can remain with these veterans at all times and are trained to emotionally sooth and comfort them in times of panic attacks caused by PTSD. The members and families of Chapter 271 of Salem also come together during the holiday season to pack and send loving holiday packages to soldiers.

Chapter 820 of Bend, Oregon is involved in many programs and events that benefit veterans as well as their communities. The Bend Chapter is involved in financial support of the local battered women and children’s shelter. This year members also joined a staff psychologist from Bend VA Clinic in an outreach trip to Blackfeet Reservation in Montana to assist Blackfeet Veterans with their PTSD claims. Chapter 820 also has a national task force for homeless veterans. They participate in local community events in order to provide veterans with information on benefits and assistance programs. These events serve as an outreach tool for Chapter 820, they have met dozens of veterans who had no idea the VVA even existed.  To find a local chapter near you, visit the VVA website at

By donating household items through Pickup Please you are helping support the VVA and its mission.

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