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Scheduling a donation pickup in San Diego today can provide the means that benefit our community’s veterans. Pickup Please collects donations on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Each household item donation helps the VVA's accomplish their goals of providing various types of support to all of our nation’s veterans as well as their communities.

Chapter 427 of San Diego strives toward achieving numerous actions that support veterans. This VVA Chapter is working hard to continue it’s mission of assisting Agent Orange victims who have been affected by these herbicides used in warfare that cause disease, health problems, birth defects, and even death. This inspiring Chapter holds Town Hall meetings to support and build awareness for Agent Orange Victims and their families. Speakers at these Town Hall meetings directly share their personal experiences with the Agent Orange subject as well as information about how it is continually affecting our veterans. VVA’s causes in San Diego also extend to working with other organizations such as Veterans 360, Habitat for Humanity, and the Home Depot Foundation to support local veteran homeowners in need of critical house repair. Your household item donations can also help Chapter 427 further their efforts in assisting the homeless, the hungry, as well as providing college scholarships for children and grandchildren of veterans. Members of the San Diego Chapter get involved in many major community events, community service, and community education.  To find a local chapter near you, visit the VVA website at

Schedule a free donation pickup in San Diego with Pickup Please today and you can help the Vietnam Veterans of America to extend and continue these and other much needed veteran support services.