101 Items That You Can Declutter Today!

blank blue background with tiny items sorted out like pencils and ice cream cone erasers
With any new home improvement project, knowing where to begin is as crucial as knowing how you want it to end up. Decluttering your residence is no different, except for one thing: it’s not where, but what, that’s the most important first step. So we’ve made it easy for you to decide how you want to go about decluttering your home by creating this can’t-miss list of 101 things you can declutter today!

Once you’ve collected your clutter, you’ll want to get rid of it. We’ve made that easy, too. Just CLICK HERE to schedule your free donation pickup, and on the day that you’ve chosen, a courteous Pickup Please driver will come to your home or apartment and take away your unwanted stuff.

  1. DVDs that you haven’t watched in months
  2. Cookbooks from the back of your pantry
  3. Shoes and socks you haven’t worn in years
  4. Unworn sweaters from deep in your dresser
  5. Tupperware
  6. T-Shirts/Button-ups
  7. Baby clothes that don’t fit the littles
  8. Outgrown kids clothes
cook books stacked beside each other on a shelf
Now that Pinterest serves as your go-to for recipes, donate your unwanted cookbooks
old china plates with floral patterns
You can finally get some new place settings
  1. Outdated plates
  1. Cups/Mugs that have seen their last coffee
  2. Baking
  3. Books
  4. Office supplies that are just in the way
  5. Jewelry that doesn’t go with anything
  1. Empty notebooks
  1. Small electronics
  1. Your old phone that was replaced once the new one came out
  2. Kitchen gadgets that you’ve never known their purpose
  3. Small appliances that one person can carry
  4. Shoes
  5. Belts
  6. Wallets that lay empty
aerial view of an open blank notebook
Yay save some trees!
modern photo of make up surrounding makeup bag with cute saying on it
If we’re being real your makeup doesn’t even fit in it anymore, right?
  1. Scarves that haven’t “scarved” in ages
  2. Nail polish that isn’t your color
  3. Unopened makeup that was bought by accident
  4. Makeup bag
  1. Reuseable shopping bags
  2. Towels that you don’t like
  3. Phone cases that don’t have your latest bedazzles on them

  1. Hair accessories that are too busy for you now
  2. Backpacks you have nothing to put in
  1. Purses that don’t fit your things
  2. Knicknacks from the in-laws…
  1. Jars you only like to look at
  2. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
gus gus and lafoo cinderella knick-knacks
Now’s your chance!
painted kids step stool for bathroom
Why do they have to grow up?!
  1. Sheets/Comforters that are being unused
  2. Frying/Sauce pans you longer fry or sauce in
  1. Candles/Tea lights
  2. Bath mats
  3. Step ladders
  4. Kid’s step-stools that are not being stepped on
  1. CDs
  2. Video games that are collecting dust
  3. Game consoles/controllers that are also collecting dust
  4. Gloves
  1. Vases that never hold anything
  2. Kid’s toys that are unplayed with
  3. Board games that have been abandoned
  4. Boots that don’t fit
  5. Old prom dresses
  1. Cooking utensils
  2. Old crockery
  3. Craft supplies you’ve never used
  1. Small furniture (for one person to carry)
  2. Artwork
old 80s prom dress on a black mannequin
I think the memory of wearing it will suffice

90s cassette tape boom box radio against white background
Do you remember the last time you used it?
  1. Picture frames you’re not going to use
  2. House decor that no longer fits your style
  3. Extra sets of head phones
  4. Boombox stereo that takes up too much space
  1. Serving trays you never bring out
  2. Sports equipment from your old hobby
  3. Outdoor play equipment that isn’t serving a purpose for you
  4. Patio furniture you don’t even use at BBQ’s – just make sure that it is small enough for one person to carry

  1. Old laptop left lonely since you got a new one
  1. Laptop accessories you don’t need
  2. Baggage/Suitcases up in your rafters
  3. Computer games
  1. Necklaces/Bracelets that don’t match any outfit
  2. Stuffed animals
  3. Storage bins that aren’t storing items
laptop on tabletop with dreamcatcher decal on top
Yes even those old dinosaur ones
high stack of old guide books to european countries
You’ve planned enough, it’s time to take that trip!
  1. Guide books you’ve read
  1. Puzzle books you’ve completed
  2. Hats you don’t love
  3. Sun glasses/reading glasses
  4. Flip Flops
  1. Outdoor equipment
  2. Broom/dustpan that’s stuffed in the back of the cleaning closet
  3. Rain boots/galoshes
  1. Fancy dresses you’ve worn to eeeeverything
  1. Deck of cards
  2. Buckets you have no use for
  1. New coloring books you thought you’d color in… but don’t
  2. Standing/hand mixer that takes up counter space
  3. Mixing bowls
checkered dress on woman
Show off something new and zazzy!
4 old fashioned corkscrews laying flat against white background
How many do you really need? One should be fine.
  1. Corkscrews
  1. Can openers you’ve forgotten were there
  2. Camera you don’t need
  1. Vinyl records that you’d want to share
  2. Hair dryers
  3. Alarm clocks
  4. Holiday decorations
  1. Skiis/Snowboards you have sitting in the garage
  2. Hammer
  3. Screwdrivers because you have too many
  4. Any tools you simply don’t use
blue bell alarm clock
I mean… you have a phone now
colorful lawn chair open on lawn
You end up just sitting on your towel anyway
  1. Lawn/Beach chairs
  1. Kid’s shoes they’ve gotten too big for
  2. Accessories you keep skipping over
  3. Winter clothing you never pick to wear

100. Televisions you really don’t need – Televisions are accepted in most areas (excluding California and Pittsburgh). We can accept flat panel, LCD, LED & Plasma televisions. We’re sorry but we cannot accept older CRT, DLP or tube TVs.

  1. Record player to let others play their records on
light blue record player atop a bookshelf filled with records
Share the joy of that old static nostalgia