7 Myths About Decluttering Exposed…For Good!

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The Earth is flat. Little green men live on Mars. It’s too much hassle to declutter a house. While we know the first of these statements is false and we’re pretty sure the second one is to, ahead you’ll learn that without a doubt the third one is definitely a myth — decluttering your house has never been easier! That’s just one of the 7 myths about decluttering that we’re putting to bed for good. Speaking of good — that’s just how you’ll feel after you complete your easy decluttering by donating your unwanted clothes, shoes and household goods to help America’s veterans. Just CLICK HERE to schedule your pickup now. We’ll be here when you click back.

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to clutter, so let’s get started in exposing the top 7 myths about decluttering:

Myth 1: My Clutter is Too Much to Deal With

A cluttered house can be overwhelming. You wake up and the first thing you see is an overstuffed closet. You make your way into the kitchen and you’re faced with pots and pans and unused appliances stacked everywhere. It is all just too much!

But trust us, it’s really not. All you need to do is tackle it one step at a time, by using our 3 Box Method. We’ll tell you more about that in just a minute.

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Myth 2: It’s Too Much Hassle to Get Rid Of

This myth is a fact, if you insist on hauling your stuff down to your car then driving over to your donation center. But thanks to Pickup Please, there’s no hassle involved in donating your unwanted items. Just CLICK HERE and schedule your free donation pickup, and on the day that you choose, one of our friendly and professional drivers will come to your home and haul away your clearly marked donations. Hassle-free, indeed!

Myth 3: My clutter will just come back

Once you declutter your residence, you’ll quickly experience the joy of APFE&EIIP…that’s A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place. It’s the decluttering mantra…all of the stuff you keep has a place where it should “live,” and once it does, you’ll discover how easy it is to keep your house decluttered because you’ll soon be in the habit of putting everything back where it belongs.

Myth 4: It Would Cost Too Much to Get Rid Of

There’s no cost involved in sending your garbage out to the curb and your donations out to your porch, to be picked up on your donation day by our courteous drivers. Your donation pickup is not only free, Pickup Please will also leave you with a tax deduction receipt! If you’re ready to schedule your pickup today, just CLICK HERE.

Myth 5: I Have to Get Rid of Things I Love

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This is not only wrong, it’s completely backwards! Once you have a decluttered house, you’ll have more room to store the items that you love. In fact, you’ll be able to showcase them so you’ll get more enjoyment out of them…thanks to APFE&EIIP…that’s A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place. Plus, your decluttering process will allow you to take stock of everything you possess, so you can decide if indeed that thing is something you actually do love.

Myth 6: My Clutter is No Big Deal

Did you know that a UCLA study showed there’s a direct relationship between cortisol (stress) levels and household clutter? Study after study have proven that a cluttered house leads to anxiety, so, we hate to break it to you, but clutter is a big deal. Good thing it’s easy to take control of…to learn more about how it’s hurting you and how to handle it, check out our blog, “Declutter Your Home and Mind: A Minimalist Approach to a Calm Life.” You’ll find it here: Declutter Your Home and Mind.

Myth 7: My Clutter is All Just Worthless Garbage

Chances are that clutter you think is worthless contains sweaters and winter wear that you no longer use, bedding and towels that no longer match your style, small kitchen appliances that you haven’t touched in months, shoes that are gathering dust in the back of your closet and toys that your children have outgrown. None of these are garbage…and all of it can be used by others. All you have to do to make that happen is schedule your free donation today with Pickup Please, and the items you think are clutter will soon be someone else’s treasures. To learn more about what items we accept, just CLICK HERE.

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Now you’ve seen what we meant when we said we’re exposing decluttering myths for good…because your clutter can indeed be put to good use by others, and will help America’s veterans and their families. And as promised, here’s the 3 Box Method we mentioned earlier:

First, grab 3 three boxes or bags and a permanent marker. Use your marker to label one “Keep,” one “Toss,” and the last one “Donate.”

Keep- Every cluttered space contains some items you’ll want to hang on to, so these go into the keep box. By actually holding them, you’ll determine if you really want to keep the item or you might decide against it.

Toss- This is known as your junk or your garbage pile. You’ll know pretty quickly what goes in here.

Donate- Now it’s time to fill up your donate boxes and bags with those items that you no longer want or need but will be by someone else. A list of great donation items  includes:

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  • Shoes and boots in good condition
  • Jeans and jackets
  • Still usable toys
  • Small electronic equipment
  • Small furniture (easy for one person to pick up)
  • Kitchenware
  • Other items that you no longer use or value

Donating to the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is quick, easy and completely free. Simply write VVA on your boxes and bags and schedule your free pick up, then put the items outside on the day you scheduled your pickup. It’s no myth that you’ll be helping your community!