30-Day Declutter Challenge!

kitchen drawer of silverware aerial view

Got too much clutter? Our 30 Day Declutter Challenge will help you make your home clutter-free, in just a few minutes each day. Simply follow our easy, day-by-day guide below and soon every room in your house — and even your garage — will look better than ever before. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to schedule a free donation pickup with Pickup Please, so the shoes, clothes, toys, kitchenware and everything else you’ll no longer be needing will help support the Vietnam Veterans of America. Let’s get started!

Day 1: Schedule Your Pickup

Start by scheduling a free donation pickup now for a day in the near future that fits your schedule best, and you’ll be well on your way to completing our 30 Day Declutter Challenge! Just click HERE

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Day 2: Closet

Tackle your closet and you’ll stay inspired throughout the course of the 30-days.

Day 3: Kitchen Cabinets

Organize your kitchenwares because you use them the most, so decluttering them early in the process means you’ll be motivated to keep them squared away.

Day 4: Outgrown Kids Clothes

Collect the outgrown clothes that are cluttering up; you’ll be surprised how much space you’ll have left over.

Day 5: Office Organization

A place for everything, everything in its place; organize old papers, files, catalogs, keepsakes, etc.

Day 6: Bathroom Towels

Sift through the towels — donate what you don’t use and toss the frayed and stained offenders.

Day 7: Schedule Your Pickup

If you’ve already scheduled a pickup for a future date, celebrate by taking a breather from our 30 Day Declutter Challenge; if you haven’t yet scheduled your pickup, or if you have another donation to make, just click HERE.

group of boxes in the driveway

Day 8: Pantry

Throw out expired items, and grimy containers. And don’t forget the stale spices!

Day 9: Electronic Gadgets

Donate old electronics like DVD players or laptops and they won’t be nagging at you; plus, you can put them to work helping Veterans.

Day 10: Garage Storage

Holiday decorations… it’s never too early to clean them up! And you’ll be freeing up space.

Day 11: Jewelry

Your old jewelry that lost its shine might bring a bright smile to someone else.

Day 12: Paperwork

Do you really need those papers? Switch to online bills, save a tree and free up desk space.

Day 13: Kids Toys

Dig out the unused toys and spread love around your community.

Day 14: Schedule Your Pickup

Congratulations! You’re about half-way through our 30 Day Declutter Challenge. Hasn’t it been easy? If you have holiday decorations, electronics, jewelry, old toys or other household items you no longer use, why not take a moment to schedule a free donation pickup and put your unwanted items to use helping America’s veterans. Just click HERE.

donation boxes picked up off curb

Day 15: Bookshelf Declutter

Those old books can be given to new readers.

Day 16: Closet Revisited

Do you really need a dozen purses?

Day 17: Medicine Cabinet

Stale is not just for the kitchen! Makeup, toothbrushes, and medicines go bad, too.

Day 18: Cooking Aids

Are you finding all your recipes online? Donate your old cookbooks.

Day 19: Sporting Goods

Kids no longer playing football? Pass it on.

Day 20: Linen Closet

Old bedding that will never be used again can be put to use elsewhere.

Day 21: Schedule Your Pickup

Wow — look how far you’ve come! And look how decluttered your home is looking. But before you finish the last week, be sure to have a donation scheduled for some day soon that works best for you. Just click HERE to schedule today and you’ll be putting your unwanted items will soon be helping your community!

man putting box in back of truck

Day 22: Technology Upgrades

Go wireless — or at least use zip ties to organize your wires and plug them into power saving strips.

Day 23: Shoe Storage

Those old shoes and boots that are no longer your style can be right in step with someone else.

Day 24: Living Room Storage

Now that you download all your movies, donate your DVDs to someone less tech-savvy.

Day 25: Bedroom Dresser

Jeans that don’t fit right will fit someone else.

Day 26: Kids Item Storage

It’s not just clothes they outgrow, but furniture and toys as well. Donate them to help support the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).

Day 27: Work Tool Decluttering

Organize all the storage areas…free up space by donating tools you no longer use.

Day 28: Living Room Cabinets and Shelves

Clear out those catch-all spots your brain has learned to ignore.

Day 29: Junk Drawers

Saving the smallest for last — take a quick pass through all your junk drawers.

Day 30: Schedule Your Pickup

Way to go — you made it! Doesn’t your home look amazing? If your free donation pickup hasn’t occurred yet, now’s the time to complete the challenge by scheduling it HERE

open moving truck of boxes

You started with a cluttered home that probably left you feeling overwhelmed. Now, just 30 days later, your home is all clean and organized…and even better, you’ve helped the Vietnam Veterans of America by donating the unwanted items that were just gathering dust and getting in the way. So when your family and friends ask you why your house looks phenomenal, you can tell them you completed our 30 Day Declutter Challenge.