The 7 Things You Need to Make Decluttering Easy

woman's hand holding coffee cup next to an open notebook
When it comes to decluttering, it turns out you need to get some things before you get rid of some things. Ahead, we’ll show you the 7 things you need to make decluttering easy — including one item you’re really going to like. First, though, why not take a few brief moments and schedule your donation pickup before you forget; not only will you have finished your last step to decluttering before you even start, you’ll also be helping America’s veterans! Just CLICK HERE to get started and you’ll be a hero to the Vietnam Veterans of America in just a few minutes. Then be sure to pop back over to this blog for your decluttering tips!

It doesn’t matter if you’re decluttering a junk drawer or your entire house, the 7 items we’re going to show you below will make your decluttering a snap…and even fun!

  1. The device you are using right now.

Are you reading this blog while on your phone? Or maybe you’re surfing on a tablet, or even scrolling on a computer. Regardless, you’re in the right spot to take the first step in decluttering…and that’s to CLICK HERE to schedule your free donation pickup. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to pick a date that suits your schedule best.

On the day of your choosing, you’ll just place the items you’re going to collect (with the help of the remaining 6 ”things”) out for pickup — you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do with your stuff, and you’ll be helping America’s veterans. See? We told you it would be easy!

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picture of a paper with goals written on it on a patterned turquoise paper
  1. A goal

Do you want to get a grip on a kitchen drawer that’s overflowing with batteries, hairbrushes, expired coupons, and power chords? Or do you have loftier dreams of decluttering all of your bedrooms? Either way, setting a goal of success will help make it happen. Say it out loud (“I’m going to declutter every closet in the house today!”) and you won’t believe the power generated by these positive affirmations, as proven by several psychological studies you can find online. Or you can just take LeBron James, Kanye West, and Jennifer Lawrence’s words for it: They are just some of the many stars who swear by this self-talk.

  1. Tunes!

Scientists say that when you listen to music that you love, the part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens activates…which means your brain is flooded with dopamine, a.k.a. “the pleasure chemical.” That’s right! Decluttering can make you feel good if you combine it with great music.

In fact, one study showed that assembly line workers enjoyed their mundane tasks far more when they were listening to music of their choice. So crank up the tunes (or keep it low-and-slow if that’s your jam) and your decluttering work will fly right by.

pair of headphones on a table next to a phone with a song on it

two stacked cardboard boxes with colored tape pink and green
  1. Boxes or plastic bins

Boxes of the cardboard variety or plastic bins (like the kind you pick up at the home improvement store) are next up on your list of decluttering must-haves. You’ll want at least one for the items you’re going to relocate to another part of the house, one for the items you’re going to donate (this is where the cardboard box comes in handy — or even a garbage bag), and finally one for the stuff that’s nothing but junk.

This last one of course is heading to the garbage can, so a bag will work fine.

  1. A Kitchen Timer

Grab the kitchen timer you haven’t used since the last cake you baked (or the countdown timer on your phone will also fit the need) and set it for an appropriate amount of time to accomplish your goal. If you’re organizing a drawer, five minutes should suffice, while a closet shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, and a room a half-hour. A ticking clock has proven to be a focusing aid.

black and white checkered kitchen timer with red dial
Sweet box of chocolates on wood table
  1. A Reward

Sure, these tips will help make your decluttering work easy and fun, right? Okay, maybe just “easier” and “not quite dreadful.” That’s why you’ll deserve a reward when you’re finished. What kind of reward is up to you, but you’ll want to choose something that doesn’t defeat the purpose of decluttering, so a shopping trip’s probably not the way to go.

  1. A Magic Marker

A Magic Marker, or any brand of ink pen for that matter, rounds out our list of the top 7 things you need to make decluttering easy. You’ll need it to write “VVA” on the box or bags you’re going to be using for your free donation pickup, so the driver knows what items to take.

line of markers of all different colors

It’s probably best to go ahead and label the boxes or bags now, so there’s no need to worry about it on the morning that you set them out. Plus, they’ll serve as a gentle reminder that you need to place them outside on the day you’ve chosen… better still, go ahead and write the date of the pickup on the box or bag.

Now, you’re all set to tackle your decluttering task, no matter the size.