A Simple Way To Declutter Your Kitchen

kitchen sink running water with clean countertop in background

Your kitchen is the connective tissue of your family life, and since it’s one of the most used rooms in the house, it can become dirty, disorganized, and require the most maintenance.

In this article, we will walk you through a simple process to restore balance to your kitchen.


Organizing a kitchen – really organizing it and not just shoving everything in cabinets, drawers, or the pantry – can be daunting.

It is worth the effort and discipline, however, to get rid of the things you are not using and are not likely to use.

Simply speaking, you need to put things that should not be in the kitchen back where they belong.  

labeled buckets in pantry nailed to the wall

1. Get Started in the Pantry

The first thing to do is make sure your counters are clear so that you can use them for sorting. Get some boxes, plastic carrier bags, and bin bags, then head to the pantry. Go through your pantry and get rid of everything that is past its expiration date.

After that, organize the shelves so that any items due to expire soon are in the front, ready to be used first.

2. Packing Boxes for Donation

Once the pantry is done, systematically work through kitchen cabinets and drawers shelf-by-shelf, drawer-by-drawer. Remove items you do not use and put them in boxes marked for donation.  

Put seasonal items in boxes marked “Storage”. Label each box to remind you what’s inside and which holiday/occasion it is for, for example “Christmas decorations” or “Summer Supplies”.  

Once a box marked “donation” is full, move it out of the room. This will help prevent the temptation to reconsider and take items back out of the boxes.

3. Discipline and Intention

Clean as you clear. Wash cabinets, drawers, and the contents that are staying in your kitchen.

Organize as you go. Put items that belong in other rooms in boxes marked: “living room”, “den”, “master bedroom”, etc.  

open kitchen drawer with organized utensils at a slant

Schedule a Pick Up

Schedule a pick up of everything you wish to donate with Pickup Please. Just leave your bags outside, marked for collection, and they will pick them up for free, nationwide. Pickup Please helps veterans of all wars via donations of clothing and household items.

Make keeping your kitchen clutter-free a conscious, daily decision. Think about what you really need in your kitchen. How often do you use those five frying pans and seven saucepan lids?

Get started today, because organizing your kitchen and paring it down to essentials will make your days easier and more efficient.