7 Easy Tips On How To Fall Forward In Style!

line of apples on table with leaves
rom pumpkin spice to everything nice: Coming up you’ll get a cornucopia of fall decor ideas, but first we suggest you schedule your free donation pickup so you don’t forget. You can do it just by CLICKING HERE, then “fall” back over here to check out our great tips ahead!

It’s fall y’all. Whether it’s a change in our coffee place menus or straw bales showing up in the grocery stores, the signs of fall are here. Do we love it? The answer of course is a resounding pumpkin spice latte-flavored yes! “Falling forward” takes more than pouring an autumnal coffee and changing our clocks. Nothing says fall more than making our homes warm and cozy for friends and family. Below are seven easy tips on how to bring in fall style with a change in colors, smells, and décor. Ready to fall forward? Let’s go!

Declutter Before Decorating: That’s right, before you go crazy buying up every gourd and cinnamon spice candle, grab some empty boxes or bags and declutter each room in your home of your spring and summer décor. You may want to keep some items you’ve picked up along the way, but many items will need to go (we can help with that — to schedule a free donation pickup, CLICK HERE.)

Be sure to notice counter spaces, bookshelves, and tables. Fall décor looks great if you clear out specific spaces for it to take center stage. Don’t forget to make room in your bathrooms for fall touches — your guests will love you for it. Items you can let go of include picnic-ware, the beach colored plastic pool dishes, summer dish towels and hand towels, beach or pool toys, and all the other gadgets that will get in the way of your fall style.

girl holding white lantern outside in fall leaves

Now head outside to ready your porch or decks for fall style. Clearing out the sports gear to make way for candles and lanterns will be sure to get you in the mood.

Even though you may no longer have a need for these items, they can still hold value for someone else. Donating what you do not need to keep is such a heartwarming way to get that holiday glow.

Create Fall Style Zones: The kitchen, dining, coffee and end tables, bookshelves, bathrooms, and bedroom dressers are great places to bring in the warmth and wonder of fall. Before you head out to your local hobby store or garden shop, take a moment and think about what feeling you want to bring into your home. Deep oranges and reds or burlap and sage green? Fall leaves and pumpkins or multi-color corn and straw baskets? Perhaps a beautiful bowl of red and green apples. Your décor doesn’t need to be extravagant, it just needs to speak to your heart and your family and friends. After all, that is what the season is all about – settling indoors, surrounded by comfort and love.

Fall is for Family: The heart and soul of fall can be found with your loved ones, so bring your family together to help declutter and decide on décor. Have fun getting your family excited about the season by asking for their decoration ideas. Little ones will love picking out their own pumpkins and older ones may enjoy making a burlap and felt banner.

kids crafted jack-o-lantern held by girl in costume

Special fall children’s books placed on entryway shelves is a great way to not only decorate for space, it will also entertain family kiddos that drop by. Another great family idea is to pull out puzzles and games, putting them in a festive box or basket for great times in front of the fire.

The Kitchen is the Hub of Fall: Getting your kitchen fall ready is not only easy, it’s going to make your entire home smell amazing. Imagine opening the front door and having your senses enveloped in the scents of fall, wafting in from the kitchen. The kitchen is going to be Grand Central Station for the holidays. Bring in fall scented candles or have a simmer pot on the back burner with cloves, cinnamon, and orange peel ready to fill your home with delicious scents. Think of decorating your counters and islands, simply, with bowls filled with seasonal fruits and Mason jars of beautiful nuts. Introduce reds, soft greens, browns, and yellows easily into your color scheme by making a trip to your produce department. It’s time for luscious squashes, gourds, and pumpkins. A beautiful rosemary plant in a special ceramic pot will not only add fall color, it will give you that savory, homemade smell we crave.

Time to Set the Table: Our dining room tables are used mostly for sunglasses and picnic baskets during the summer — a place where we drop stuff and run. Our fall dining room tables take on a whole new purpose. It is an optimal place to display your fall style. A simple but beautiful centerpiece of fall leaves and stunning candle arrangements cascading down a decorative table runner sets a warm tone. 

Take your fall table to the next level by adding placemats, seasonal plates, and fun napkins. Changing out napkins is a quick and easy way to change from a children’s Halloween party to a classy wine and cheese get together for adults. Setting your table for the season says “Welcome, come in, sit and enjoy!”

The Porch and Door: Fall means guests for parties, dinners, and Halloween, so it’s crucial you make them feel welcomed by decorating your front door. Fall wreaths, with contributions from each family member, will welcome whoever shows up and will set the mood for fun and food. It may be time to get to your local garden store for beautiful seasonal plants. While you are there, pick up an inexpensive terra cotta pot for the family to paint. A great idea is to paint fun pumpkin faces on these pots, then drop your plants in for a cute “hat.” Replace the potted plants with Halloween candy when the big night arrives.

Your door could use a twisted branch wreath that can be redecorated all the way through Christmas. Another easy idea is to grab some fall color felt, print out leaf, ghost, bat and cat patterns. Enlist your family in cutting out shapes; then using two-sided tape place them all over your door!

Warm and Cozy: Stock up on the warm and cozies by adding sofa throws and pillows in your favorite fall colors. You will be surprised at how a simple pop of color and design will transform your family or living rooms into a seasonal wonderland. If you have old, good-condition, pillows or throws that no longer work for you, remember to celebrate the season by donating them to the Vietnam Veterans of America!

Time for Gratitude and Joy: Yes, it’s now time to look around your home and enjoy what you have created for your friends and family. We love fall because of the warmth it brings to our hearts and our souls. The colors, scents, and scenes bring us all closer together, reminding us of all we have to be grateful for and offering the simple joys in life. The simmer pot on the back of the stove, the friendly ghost tucked in a corner that may soon be replaced by a pilgrim’s hat or turkey tchotchke, and a table ready for friends all indicate happiness to be grateful for. Don’t forget the donation box, filled with your gently used items that will soon be put to use, helping America’s veterans, which will truly herald in the meaning of the season!