It’s a Holly, Jolly Givemas!

Urban Christmas present wrapping setting with pine cones and pine branches and labels
T’is the season for decorating, giving, and getting — also known as the Christmas season. Yet the season’s spirit of charity can also be described by a different name: Givemas! Ahead you’ll find tips and tricks on how to declutter your home to make room for Santa’s delivery. You’re also going to see how you can help the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) and their efforts to support America’s veterans, by scheduling a free donation pickup of your unwanted, gently used household items like clothes, toys, bedding, and kitchenware. You can get a jump on that by CLICKING HERE.

Now is the perfect time to declutter and donate in order to make room for your new decorations, the gifts you will be giving, and especially the gifts that are sure to come your way! Here are some great “Givemas” tips on how to make this season stress-free and beautiful!

Start by putting the “Give” in “Givemas” by making one of your most impactful charity efforts something that helps America’s veterans. Schedule your free donation pickup today and a sleigh, er, truck will be dispatched to your home on the day of your choosing. Once you’ve scheduled your pickup, it’s time to start gathering your donations and decluttering along the way. You can make it a family adventure by enlisting your little elves to help. Just grab your Santa sack (a.k.a. a large garbage bag), throw it over your shoulder, and start the hunt for items to declutter and donate.

Move around your own North Pole workshop in this direction:

Start With Your Closet

Work your way from the top to the bottom, tossing into your donation bags the hats you no longer find fashionable, the summer clothes that you know you won’t want next year, and the accessories that just clutter up things. Your little elves can help gather up the boots and shoes that you no longer want.

Finish up by opening a box of baking soda and stashing it on the back corner of a shelf in order to help eliminate musty winter odors; just remember to pick one up on your next trip down the baking aisle at your local grocery store.

clean white organized closet with hipster clothes
open bathroom cabinet with organized items under the sink

The Bathroom Awaits

Next up is nearby — the bathroom. Your gently used blow-driers, curling irons, and other small bathroom appliances that are stuffed under the cabinet gathering dust can be the first to make their way into your bag of donations. Bath towels and washcloths shouldn’t be ignored, and don’t forget about that bathroom scale or any of the other items you expect Santa might be replacing this year!

A great way to add a fresh look to your bathroom is by placing a pretty tray on the countertop, which can then neatly hold the containers of hair supplies and toiletries. Plus, the tray makes cleaning the counter a snap — just pick it up out of the way!

Living It Up

Now you and your band of merry helpers should next hit the living room. This is where the magic happens on Christmas morning, so you’ll want to make plenty of room for Santa’s visit and at the same time help make the holiday a memorable one for other families in your community by collecting donations for them.

Maybe the side-table or the ottoman that’s just in the way…as long as the item’s in good condition and is small enough to be carried by one donation truck driver, you can donate it to help America’s veterans!

Okay, once the big stuff’s taken care of, take a step back and look around — bet you’re missing something that you have in most of your other rooms: A trash can!

rustic greyscale pallet living room with Christmas decorations

Most living rooms don’t have a place where wrappers, paper goods, and other junk can be tossed…pick one up that matches your home decor, and you’ll be surprised how big an improvement you can make in keeping your living room clean.

Garage Time
You’ll next want to venture into the garage. Extra hand tools and yard tools make great donation items, as do the sports gear your elves are no longer using, the beach or pool toys that are sure to be replaced next summer, and the yard decor that no longer fits your patio style. Don’t forget the Halloween decorations that are still piled high in a corner; make room for next year’s models by donating your older ones today.

closeup of diy nail and screw holders in garage with tools hanging on corkboard in the background

Now make a scan clockwise around the garage, looking for items that belong together…but aren’t, quite yet. All the long-handled tools like brooms and rakes should go together in one place, power chords can be organized and stored together (one of those yard bags can do the trick!), and used coffee cans are a never-fail, go-to solution to small-item storage problems in the garage – they make great homes for loose screws!

Finally, gather the bottles and cans and coordinate them on a shelf or two. One added benefit to that last step is you’re more likely to use your cleaning supplies if they are always together and stored within handy reach.

Best for Last

The final stop on your Givemas collection tour is the kitchen. Having recently finished Thanksgiving, now’s a great time to assess the cooking utensils and small appliances you haven’t used lately, because let’s face it, if you haven’t plugged it in or wiped it off in the past few weeks, chances are you don’t need it!

Next, open the cabinets and do a quick scan of the things you’re keeping but can use a wash…maybe they were put away in a hurry, or maybe they’ve been on display and have gathered dust and spots? Either way, into the dishwasher they go. Then, methodically scanning clockwise like you did in the garage, look around the kitchen and put likes-with-likes, taking a moment to move down into drawers anything that you’ve just stuck into a countertop container, like a stray steak knife or spatula.

aerial view of open kitchen drawer with cooking tools and measuring spoons

Once you’re happy with your kitchen declutter efforts, now’s the time for a reward — so it’s a good thing you are standing near the hot chocolate and cookies. Don’t forget to make some for your elves (yeah, we know you’d never forget them!).

Now the wait begins. No, not for the morning of December 25th, but instead for whatever day you’ve chosen for your donation pickup. On that morning, be sure to put out your goodies for collection, and label them “VVA” so our version of Santa’s helpers will know what to pick up. Remember, thanks to your spirit of giving this holiday season, America’s veterans and their families receive life-changing support. Happy Givemas to you and yours…and have a Merry Christmas!