How to put your home on a KETO Diet!

Living room
Keto diets are all the rage, thanks to celebrity trendsetters like Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry and Lebron James. Yet keto diets are not just for our bodies anymore! Ahead, we’ll show you how to put your home on a KETO diet that will leave it decluttered, organized and healthier than ever. Let’s first jump ahead to the ending — where you’ll schedule your free donation pickup of your unwanted clothes, shoes, toys, and other gently used household items that you’ve decluttered. There’s no reason to wait, so just CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!

Thousands of new converts are flocking every day to the keto diet, which is a high-fat, low-carb approach to losing weight. From social-media superstars like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, super models like Adriana Lima and Amber Valletta, and sports heroes like Tim Tebow, Hollywood A-listers are swapping their low-fat veggie burgers for full-fat, grass-fed steaks washed down by coffee filled with butter.

If you’ve tried the keto diet you know that there are some, well, let’s just say uncomfortable side-effects that will leave you feeling groggy or head-achy, and wanting to stay in bed. That’s why you’ll want to make your bedroom, bathroom and everywhere else in your house as comfortable as possible — so why not put it on a KETO diet, too?

That’s K-E-T-O, as in:
K – Keep
E – Enrich
T – Trash
O – Organize

Our KETO Diet leaves your home decluttered and organized and puts a smile on your face because you help America’s veterans by donating your unwanted stuff. Let’s get started!

First up, gather three boxes or bags (or more, but you’ll need three different sets). Label them:

K (for keep)…the stuff in here will go back to where it belongs;
E (for enrich)…these are the items you’ll donate to enrich the lives of veterans and their families;
T (for trash)…one guess what you’ll be doing with this junk.
O-for-organizing comes at the end, after you’ve collected your piles.

Closet Kick-off

Your home’s KETO diet begins in your messiest closet. Work your way from the top to the bottom, putting the clothes you want to keep on hangers (maybe even treat yourself by picking up some new, fancy hangers at your big-box store. They’ll help to encourage you to keep your closet clean).

Toss into your enrich bags the boots that no longer match your style, the winter clothes that you know you won’t want next year, and the clothes that you haven’t worn in months. Trash the wire coat-hangers, the solo socks, and the worn-out belts and you’ll be ready to finish up by organizing your shoes and hats in the top and bottom of the closet.

room closet and cabinets

Bath Time

It’s super easy to put your bathroom on the KETO Diet:
Keep your bath mats, towels and washcloths that still match your decor;
Enrich your community by donating blow dryers, curling irons and other small appliances;
Trash the makeup, medicines and toiletries you no longer use or have expired;
Organize by straightening up your medicine cabinet, rolling up the chords of the gadgets you use, and give your countertop a good wipe-down.


Living Spaces

Your living room gets its own version of the home KETO diet.
Keep the DVDs you still sometimes watch, as well as your kids’ video games;
Enrich your town by passing on the DVD player or game console that is no longer enjoyed;
Trash the old catalogs, magazines and stained pillows on the sofa;
Organize by keeping your electronic remotes in a central location.


Despite being the place where bags of chips are ripped open and soda cans are drained, many living rooms don’t have garbage cans. If this is true for yours, pick one up at your favorite store and you’ll love the difference it makes in helping to keep your living room decluttered!

Kitchen Confidential

Like the closet we started with, you’ll want to scan your kitchen from top to bottom, putting your Keep items in a central location for now (the kitchen table works best, of course). You’ll probably find plenty of items you can use to Enrich the lives of veterans — things like saucepans, kitchen tools, silverware and glassware that you no longer need. Small appliances like the shake mixer or the pasta maker can be up-cycled as well, so into your Enrich box they go.

Trash the chipped coffee cups as well as the spices and condiments that are past their sell-by dates.

After wiping down the empty cabinets, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs, because the No. 1 rule of decluttering is “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

kitchen cabinet

See how easy the KETO diet is? Well, at least the home version of it…sorry, but we can’t help you avoid the chocolate chip cookies and sourdough toast. We can, though, at least help you help others, by sending one of our Pickup Please drivers and their trucks to your home to pick up your “Enrich” boxes full of donations. All you have to do to schedule a pickup appointment for a day that best fits your schedule is click the button below. Then, on the day of your choosing, put your boxes or bags outside and clearly mark them “VVA” so our drivers will know what to pick up. They’ll put your donations to good use, helping others…and they’ll leave you with a tax donation receipt in return — now that’s our kind of diet!