It’s National Good Neighbor Day!

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Every year on September 28th there is a reason to celebrate the people in your neighborhood. National Good Neighbor Day! It’s good for people to remind themselves what it means to be a good neighbor by doing something helpful for the people around them. A lot of the time neighbors are good friends, but we take their presence for granted. This National Good Neighbor Day, show your neighbors just how much they mean to you!

Ways to Celebrate Your Neighbors

Pitch In

Maybe your neighbor could use some help with their lawn, or getting their home ready for fall weather. The more people there are to take on a project, the faster it goes! Offer your neighbor a helping hand by mowing their lawn, raking their leaves, or pitching in with any other kind of clean up they need.

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Have a Party

What better way to celebrate than with a party? Get the whole neighborhood together for a block party, a barbecue, or a game night. This gives your neighbors a chance to share stories, laughs, and fun, while taking a break from everyday life. If it works well, it could become a regular tradition in the neighborhood!

Make Sweet Treats

If you know your neighbors have a sweet tooth, give them a treat for Good Neighbor Day. Bake cookies, bars, or cakes you think they’ll like. Deliver the treats with a smile! A sweet treat is a gift that will make your neighbors happy every time they reach for a snack.

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Be of Service

Maybe your neighbors need a night away. Volunteer to babysit, and they’ll surely feel appreciated. You can also offer dog walking, plant watering, and other acts of service to lighten the load for your friends.

Be a Good Friend

Just making your neighborhood a friendlier place with a wave and a smile can make a tremendous impact on the people around you. Perhaps best of all, you’ll inspire them to do the same. Your whole neighborhood will feel the love!

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Perform an Act of Kindness

Your neighborhood extends to the world around you. You can be a good neighbor to your entire town by donating household items that you are no longer using.

After you have made your donation to this good cause, you can share what you learned with your neighbors while you’re chatting at the block party, working on their lawn, or dropping off treats! Offer to help them put these things into action themselves. There’s no better way for you and your friends to celebrate Good Neighbor Day this year.