That Is Sooooo Last Season!

closeup of girl in winter coat looking over her collar

Fashion lovers are rejoicing the arrival of a new season. If you’re the type that reads every Vogue magazine issue cover to cover, you know that when new things come into style, old things go out!

For Fall 2016 and Winter 2016/2017, designers seem to be taking a turn toward the bold, with deep and rich colors, exciting cuts of fabric, and bold patterns like leopard print and stripes. This is a great season for showing off your personality!

Here are a few more trends we have spotted:

In: Shades of Pink

Pretty shades of pink were all over the runways for the Winter 2016/2017 season. Try a bubble-gum color, or a deep rose, and enjoy some bright hues in colder months!

high class lady wearing all different shades of pink for her outfit leaning against wall holding black purse at her side

woman modeling bell bottomed pants holding a purse standing in walkway to building

Out: Skinny Pants

The pendulum keeps swinging between skinny-leg pants and wider cuts, but according to Vogue, this Fall and Winter, you can safely pull on those wide-leg trousers and know that you’re in style.

In: Puffer Jackets

Warmth and practicality meet fashion for Winter 2016/2017. Puffer jackets were another runway hit, which people living in cold climates are sure to appreciate.

torso shot of a woman wearing layers and a blue puffy vest

woman modeling layers of pink cozy turtleneck and jean jacket against light background

Out: Neck-Revealing Styles

Fashion designers are all about the turtleneck silhouette for this season. You can wear one as a standalone piece, or take a cue from the runways and layer these warm shirts under everything from formal dresses to military style jackets.

Again, this is a great choice for keeping warm, while looking sharp and in style.

Set Up Your Closet for Success

What to do if you open up your closet doors to find a lot of out of season items? Fashionistas will enjoy a big shopping trip, but if you do not make room for your new purchases, you’ll find your closet quickly becomes cramped and overwhelming.

Not everyone follows fashion trends. Your unwanted clothing could easily find a happy home in another closet. By donating your out of season items, you can contribute to someone’s life in a meaningful way, while making room for your latest and greatest finds.

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While you’re working on your closet, consider checking out the rest of your house to see if there is anything else you do not want or need. Pickup Please will collect household items, toy donations, book donations, and more. You might achieve a new look for your entire house for the new season!

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Source: vogue