Can Clothing Really Be Recycled?

The answer is a definite “yes.” Your clothing can be recycled and reused in many different ways. Every year the average American gets rid of 68 pounds of clothing! Just imagine the harm to the environment if all of that was tossed into landfills instead of donated to charities for others to use or made into other products. It would just sit there and “waste” away instead of being put to good use!

Why donate to a charity?

Donating your clothes to a charity is the most rewarding way to let go of your old belongings. It keeps landfills from being piled up with unnecessary trash and helps those in need who can’t afford costly clothing.

How do families benefit when you donate clothes?

Those who are less fortunate than you are appreciative of the items they receive. Their kids get school and play clothes to wear, and the parents don’t have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe. Plus, you will experience self-satisfaction when you are help them out; so not only do families benefit from your clothing donation, you do, too.

Choosing a charity to donate clothes to:

Chances are there are multiple local locations and charities to choose from when deciding where to donate your clothes. Those charities will more than likely take your donation on the spot if you drop it off at their available location. Another option is to schedule a donation pick up, so you don’t have to drive them to the charity yourself. Pick Up Please is one of the easiest services to use when you want to schedule a donation pickup.

How are clothes recycled if they aren’t reused as clothes?

Let’s face it: no matter how in-style and hip your clothing items might have been at one point or another, there is still a chance that nobody will ever want to be seen in it again.  Or maybe  it’s so worn out it’s now irrelevant. Well, you’re not the only one that’s ever come across this predicament. Don’t let that serve as discouragement for you to avoid donating your clothes! Clothing can still be recycled. Even if it’s not used to be worn any longer, the material can still be made into other handy everyday items, including industrial quality blankets

So, why not make the right choice? Donate your clothes today and no matter if it’s used again for clothing or used for the material as another product, it will be recycled!